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Friday, 22 November 2013

How to best Protect Your Assets in the turbulent times ahead.

We believe the best Strategies to Protect Your Assets in those turbulent times ahead are:
 1.  Get out of the Stock, Bond and Speculative Real Estate Markets and Reduce your Debts as much as possible;
 2.  Buy Hard Assets such as Gold Bullion, Silver, Diamonds and a number of other Commodities along with high velocity "Private Placement Programs";
 3.  Convert your US Backed Assets such as Cash into Swiss Francs, Kroners or a couple of other strong Currencies;
 4.  Deposit your CASH into Offshore Banks in Hong Kong, Panama, etc...
 5.  Form LLCs in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Indiana, Missouri or Delaware for Asset and Identity Protection;
 6.  Form a Revocable Family Living Trust for Estate Purposes;
 7.  Buy Short Term Government Instruments and Money Market Funds;
 8.  Buy ETFs and Stocks that have Commodity Business that will move up with the Price of Gold, Silver, Oil and other Commodities;
 9. Buy quality Stocks that have paid DIVIDENDS for many years;
 10.Buy Companies that are in the Food, Water and Health businesses along with the ones that are in technologies that enable those type companies;
 11.Buy Residential and Commercial REOs DIRECTLY from the FDIC or Lending Institutions that presently own Default Real Estate Properties; 
 12.Set your Goals and Missions to meet the NEW GLOBAL FINANCIAL ORDER;
 13.Stay In Health.  Buy and Drink Healthy Water.  Keep The Faith. Do Not Stay In Denial. Reduce The Stress In Your Body......Read More 

Tank You
Ziad K Abdelnour 

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