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Friday 31 May 2013

A Wealth Creation Political Platform

As the 2012 Presidential Election becomes a two-person race, improving the nation’s precarious fiscal situation must be the candidates’ top priority.  There are several issues the candidates must address in order to return the U.S. to its former glory as an economic powerhouse.  These include: the repeal of harmful legislation, an equitable tax system and the abolition of the Federal Reserve.
One of the first ways of beginning that process would be to repeal all of the anti-opportunity legislation that has been foisted on the American people in the past few years. For example, we could repeal the McCarran-Ferguson Act and allow health insurance providers to compete openly for customers on a national basis. Allow health care providers to compete in the marketplace, charging for their services what the market will bear instead of what the insurance company will reimburse. This would bring more market pressures to bear in the health care industry and bring costs down. If it were coupled with meaningful tort reform legislation that would curtail frivolous lawsuits and shift legal costs to the losing party, we could have world-class health care that was available and affordable….more

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