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Friday 7 February 2014

The Challenges and Opportunities when Investing in Rollups

An investor faced with an opportunity to invest in two competing companies may reduce risk by simply investing in both and merging them. Rollups are often part of the shakeout and consolidation process during an economic downturn or as new market sectors begin to mature.
Rollups of complementary or unrelated companies are also done to:

• Build a full-capability company, when it would be too costly or time consuming to develop the missing pieces through internal expansion.

• Blending companies have different financial metrics, often to make the combined company attractive for investment, mergers and acquisitions, or an initial public offering.

With plenty of family office money sitting on the sidelines awaiting for each others next move, we at Blackhawk Partners are zeroing in today on two specific plays (Private Placement Investment Programs and Private Equity Roll-ups) to attract the “smartest” money out there to the fore and have so far gathered since the beginning of the year over $640 million in assets in this regard.

While the benefits of Private Placement Investment Programs have been widely discussed in the previous blogs, we thought of elaborating in here why Private Equity Roll-ups is our favorite way of acquiring companies along with the challenges and opportunities we face every day using this acquisition technique.

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