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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

It’s All About Big Oil'S Interests Stupid

Wake up folks…. It is high time to realize that the whole Syrian shenanigan was nothing but Assad getting in the crosshairs between his ally Putin and his Arab foes’ interests (Qatar and Saudi Arabia).

All the rest is for the birds… no matter what the US media leads you to believe.

No one gives a rat’s ass about 120,000 people dying or Assad playing with his toys…. It’s all about money, oil and power….. Very unfortunate state of affairs but true.

The fact of the matter is that Assad refused to sign a proposed agreement with Qatar that would run a pipeline from the latter’s North field, contiguous with Iran’s South Pars field, through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and on to Turkey, with a view to supply European markets – albeit crucially bypassing Russia.

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