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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

How effective has US foreign policy in Middle East | Ziad Abdelnour

My short answer – with the sole exception of the Camp David accords – is somewhere between “completely ineffective” and “making a bad situation worse”.

Unfortunately, it seems that all of the US’s current problems in the Middle East are of our own making… and the cynically minded would even say that this is by design.

So the U.S. Foreign policy in the Middle East has done nothing but totally destabilize the world. Thanks to our foreign policy luminaries from our supposedly “elite” ivory towers a la Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc…. hundreds of thousands of refugees are invading Europe. Soon, Europeans will be second class citizens in our own continent thanks to America.

It was the same in Somalia… Yes it was horrific seeing them all starve, but now it’s happening on the streets of Europe thanks to our incompetent “Ivy Leaguers” trying to play Gods by advising naive Presidents of how to remove pathetic dictators … It should’ve been up to the people of Somalia to remove their leader themselves.  We never learned anything.

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