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Wednesday 9 August 2017

The Perfect Storm in Healthcare: What It Means to Investors! | With Ziad K. Abdnelnour

Published on Aug 3, 2016
Presenter: bigbang Health
Panelists: Chris Fey, Adam Henick, Dr. Lev Paukman, Marco Castro
Moderator: Ziad K. Abdelnour - Chairman of Financial Policy Council

Everyone knows that global healthcare systems are dinosaurs. The problem is that most people do not understand how the systems work in order to effect change. On July 14th, experts from healthcare, medicine, and medical tourism will come together for an explosive panel discussion uncovering where healthcare has gone wrong and how to put the power back in the hands of the consumers.

1. Broken Healthcare Systems (What is broken, why?)

2. The 3 Factors influencing the decline of healthcare

3. The rise of Medical Tourism

4. The 3 Factors driving the Perfect Storm in Healthcare -What it means for your family -How you can make money from it

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