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Monday 2 December 2013

Strategies For Staying Out of Jail In An Age of Criminalized Business.

The two worst things our government can do to someone are to conscript him for military service, and deprive him of his liberty.
Losing or being threatened with loss of liberty is an ordeal increasingly suffered by average, law-abiding Americans.  We have become a nation of "No," of the ever-present threat of criminal prosecution -- even, perversely enough, in an era of "yes" and permissiveness on someone else's dime. 
 America's entrepreneurial One Percent suffers from a legally uncertain future, where yesterday's permissible behavior may become tomorrow's crime.  This group is increasingly viewed by "the street" with suspicion, envy and condemnation, and such emotions are fueled and encouraged by many in the public sector.  This legal uncertainty, coupled with growing condemnation, strongly deters productive, wealth-creating investment and encourages (if not requires) survivalist tendencies to hoard, secrete wealth in physical assets (e.g., precious metals, real estate) or even flee overseas.  Today, America's most productive classes must wonder what tomorrow holds, whether they will be free, or even where they will be.
 As a business owner or someone with a high public profile, your livelihood may be affected by or depend on your credibility and reputation. This means when the government starts "investigating" you (i.e., looking for evidence to support , you are vulnerable to the popular (and incorrect) notion that silence is evidence of guilt.  The government will exploit this notion to pressure you to talk.  In an age of government "leaks" and totally irresponsible social media and the destruction of basic privacy, reputational threats pose an immediate risk of lasting financial harm to targets in the public eye....Read More  

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Ziad K Abdelnour 

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