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Friday, 29 November 2013

Enter The Physical Commodities Trading World but Don't know Better

I know that brokers don’t like to hear it, but I have to tell you that you are filling up peoples’ email systems with nonsense from other clueless brokers and it is spoiling your name. Maybe you are getting these so-called “deals” from good people, but perhaps they are getting them from another Broker “Daisy-chain”.
Please listen to good advice - instead of sending 100 emails with Broker nonsense which does not work, find just one…… only one….. Good deal where you are talking directly to the Seller (legal owner of the product) or his Mandate and you will save yourself (and all of us) a lot of unnecessary work. Let me give you (for free) some good advice, coming from years and years of experience in this business: (It cost me a lot of money and years of hard work with no successful deals to gain this experience, but I am giving it to you for free, so this is your lucky day to get something valuable for free!!).
When a deal starts off with “send ICPO with BCL or Soft Probe, NCND and IMFPA” this is “Broker Language”. Those that know this “Broker-Language” know that this means: It means “I am a pathetic Broker - I don’t have any product for sale and I don’t know anyone who has got any (real) product for sale - so I want you to give me an Irrevocable Purchase Order with your full financial details disclosed, so that I can then run around with your order and your money in my hands, looking for product and the next thing you will be seeing is your company details and your banking details exposed to the world, running around on the internet between thousands of other Brokers”.......Read More

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