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Monday, 25 November 2013

Obamacare’s Subsidy Trap For The Poor.

Obamacare critics fearful of the federal government controlling one-sixth of the nation's economy and the resulting loss of freedom have missed both the most serious threat to freedom and its likeliest victims. Obamacare stands to turn millions of our neighbors into criminals. That's because seeking a subsidy in order to obey the mandate of -- never mind afford -- the Affordable Care Act ("ACA," but referred universally as Obamacare)1 can easily put our most economically and educationally vulnerable fellow citizens on a path to jail.  If this be compassion, it is true only in the same sense that euthanasia fulfills the definition. 
Subsidy seekers should heed the old warning to retail customers: caveat emptor, or buyer beware! Here, it should remind that there is no free lunch. While subsidies are built into Obamacare in a deceptive show of compassion, in reality, these subsidies are anything but free and the hidden cost can easily be your freedom.  Anyone wanting the subsidy is required to go through the Health Insurance Marketplace -- that is, the notorious website More
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Ziad K Abdelnour

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