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Monday, 18 November 2013

The Jonathan Martin Undermines Achievement & Foundation of Capitalism

Workplace bullying is a problem -- nothing new about that, either -- but the story of Miami Dolphins player Jonathan Martin makes a mockery of true victims of workplace intimidation and sexual harassment.

Martin claims that bullying by a Dolphins teammate has forced him to retire from the game of professional football.  The counterclaim is that the teammate (and others) were just trying to toughen up Martin for the occupation he chose -- and for which there are undoubtedly thousands of other men who would be willing to endure abject public humiliation for the opportunity to replace Martin and at a fraction of the salary Martin was receiving.

Let's make a few points clear.  Although this is an era where the proper lines are rarely drawn, lines separating proper from improper, workplace from therapist's couch, private matter from broadcasting "too much information" from Oprah's couch, we need to draw lines and bold ones at that.

The workplace is a sacred place.  It is a place for work.  Sports lockerrooms are no different -- sports are about achievement, about results, and those who do not achieve results (winning) are soon gone.  People who interfere with the workplace objective get fired and behavior in the workplace which undermines group harmony (the concept of "works and plays well with others" or "fitting in") is criticized, discouraged or outright prohibited.

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