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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Private Equity Investing: The 5 Things you should Practice when Making a Decision

Consider the point of view or experience of the entrepreneur you are backing. This is generally a good decision move, but are you simply changing perspectives, or trying on another way of thinking. As both of these are done in your imagination, it will depend upon your level of mental development as well as the level of the person you are imagining. If his level is higher, you will simply be reflecting back to yourself what you would do.
Maintaining a decision-making journal allows you to audit your decisions. The further the time away from a decision, the more memory will revise it in favor of preserving your self image. Writing things down right away reduces plausible deniability. Still, the practice presupposes you can consciously know how you made a decision, while the research shows most of the decision process will be outside of your consciousness awareness. This is one of the reasons for having an external procedural investing system. It provides feedback on what much of your system is (reducing the unconscious portions) and whether you are following it or not. Explaining your system to other people will get you even more effective feedback

Private Equity Investing

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