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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

I wonder What will Happen Twenty Years from Now

So I have to ask, did we, as #Americans, have any sort of real role in the fight?

No. We griped. It’s what we do. We shop and we gripe. We are awesome at deducing problems, but it’s usually up to someone else to fix them, and Iraq was full of problems for us to gripe about.

The dead soldiers and #Marines were used by one party to show how bad the war was, right up until the party lines switched and the same arguments were made again.

Think about it…. How has the daily lives of anyone been changed in the last decade? Was anyone asked to donate or buy war bonds? Were there any new taxes levied to pay for it? Did you have to ration anything? Were you even asked to miss one single episode of “The Voice” in all that time?

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