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Tuesday 1 July 2014

ISIS in Iraq - Game changer?

The $64,000 question on everyone's mind today is: What would be the repercussions if ISIS were successful in toppling the government of Iraq and most importantly what would be the impact on the US financial markets and oil prices at large?

Given my experience in the region, I would venture to say that if this scenario were to happen, locally Iraq will be renamed and most of the minorities will be cleansed or uprooted. The rest of the Sunni population will be subjected to strict Sharia law, a Taliban style governing with Shuras will be adopted, then the focus will shift to topple Assad completely with the help of revenue generated through the Iraqi oil money.

On a wider scale, Iran will be tempted to invade Iraq thus turning this into a major international crisis as Russia and even #China will be backing Iran since both countries have boiling Islamic militant problems especially Sunni in their background. This will be their "War on Terror" which Washington will have practically no moral grounds to oppose.

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