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Thursday 5 February 2015

If I were 22.There is no Substitute for Intelligence gathering & Absorption

I would have loved to have known for example that the Middle East was going to turn the way it did and would have capitalized on the opportunities accordingly – both politically and business wise.

In retrospect, I think the “game changer” move that changed the whole Middle East map was triggered under Former President Jimmy Carter and the Shah of Iran. If the Shah had ignored Carter’s advice back in 1977, there wouldn’t be this problem in Afghanistan, nor would there have been the Iran-Iraq war. Iraq would never have dared to even send a plane over Iran. In fact, the Gulf War wouldn’t have happened, nor the clash between East and West nor any of the problems of the past 30 years, including the exporting of religious fanaticism and the eternal problems my homeland Lebanon was and still experiencing over the time period. 

Radical Islam would not have existed and the Shah would have continued to implement reforms. He made a serious mistake by accepting demands of the Carter administration to give Islamic fundamentalists a national platform. In retrospect, maybe I should have started my career working for CIA instead of Wall Street.  I am real glad though I caught up on all in the last decade and positioned myself accordingly – at the epicenter of the intel gathering process.  Just wished I did it earlier.

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