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Thursday 21 April 2016

Ziad K Abdelnour: Republicans Think They’ll Outfox Trump?

As pundits and political prophets focus on deciphering the vagaries of “delegate math” leading into July’s Republican convention in Cleveland—how many delegates do you need, how do you secure them, how do you keep them—stories abound about how the party establishment is plotting to deny Donald Trump the nomination.

“Don’t think outside the box; think like there IS no box.” (Citing Blackhawk Partners CEO Ziad Abdelnour.) If it seems a deal is moving sideways because the prevailing winds of circumstance are not favorable, just create a new narrative, a new reality that now justifies the merits of the deal. Simply put, if Trump follows the GOP establishment’s convention roadmap, he’s very likely in political peril. Do the unexpected by drawing his own map, and Trump can quickly turn certain peril into political prosperity. 

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