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Thursday 8 May 2014

What are some of the Key General Guidelines for your consideration in Selling to Sophisticated Financiers?

As a businessman and a philanthropist, I am approached by hundreds of people every year pitching me their respective causes and ideas…some real polished and smart, others amazingly ineffective and clueless.

I thought I’d share with you some basic tips as to how you could make your pitch as effective as can be to get my attention…cutting the chase altogether.

First, what makes someone smart?

I’ve known a lot of very bright people but their limit of understanding centers around one particular domain. I’ve known others where you could have a conversation with them around literally any topic.

I think the key difference is that everyone has some understanding around specific issues. The key is to not inundate sophisticated financiers you are approaching with a lot of BS, but be very transparent and open about your value proposition and extremely mindful of their time. Engagement is key.

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