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Thursday 15 May 2014

Private Equity Is Serious Business - 13 Ways To Pitch Your Idea Right

I am approached by hundreds of entrepreneurs every year pitching me their respective businesses… Some are really polished and focused, and others amazingly ineffective and convoluted. I thought I’d share with you some basic tips as to how you can make your pitch as effective as can be, to capture my attention and that of my team.

It’s a fact that some CEOs are masters at communicating their ideas with their teams, others fare less well (if not miserably). Here are some key general personal guidelines for your consideration.

1. Don’t Oversell:

I understand how most successful entrepreneurs are passionate about their businesses, but please don’t bulls- hit me or sound like an infomercial. We have accumulated tons of data to call you on your bluff even before we have even met you. 

You won’t do yourself any favors by adopting an overconfident, smarmy persona who sounds at best like a lawyer, and at worst like a used car salesman. Just be yourself and never even think about getting away with any made up story about you or your track record.

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