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Monday 12 May 2014

Monetizing your Blog – A Review of the State of the Art

You like blogging and you get a nice number of readers every day. It seems like a natural choice to monetize your blog and get something back for your efforts.

There is indeed a lot of press about people making a living from their blogs – and some people do, it’s true. There are a smaller number of professional bloggers out there who can also make reasonably significant money from their blog, part- or full-time wages.

I have a few friends that actually make a living from blogging and other social media ventures. I subscribe to their blogs, but always wondered how they draw an income until I did my homework and came up with the following tips which I thought I’d share.

Let’s face reality first… The small percentage of people who make real living wages off their blogs are almost always people who came to blogging already established as a popular, influential or powerful voice in their industry. 

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