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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Can you be both successful and popular?

This question rests on the premise that success is not rewarded, although it is acknowledged, and the two shall not be confused.

People often confuse and mistake another person's curiosity for concern. An inquisitive person should be viewed as curious, to be sure, but never should be assumed to be concerned.

On the same basis, the successful, the "achievers," should not perceive the attention they get as a sign of popularity. It certainly is not respect -- which is rarely given, never mind perceived.

What is it, then?
Most often, this attention is just a symptom of jealousy and envy.  

The attention, therefore, is a sign of negatives. And your impulses to move towards the attention, to seek it, to reward it, are luring you into a trap designed specifically to hurt you.

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