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Friday, 19 September 2014

When To Walk Away From Phonies, Crooks and Losers

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, even though wannabe innovators are by nature just a tiny fraction of the population. The keys to success often run, incredibly enough, through just one attribute: Good character. 

There are several personality traits that comprise this character attribute. The traits will often appear in multiple strands in a person's life. The traits making one person successful financially are often the ones making him (or her) successful socially, for example. The reverse, the traits which bring down a person, are similarly true.
Basic honesty is a must. A person must be able and willing to tell the truth. Moreover, they must tell it quickly, uncompromisingly and fully.  A simple question must elicit a simple answer. Any defensiveness, any protestations of the question you ask, should raise a red flag and get you ready to pull the chute on the proverbial parachute.

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