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Monday, 29 September 2014

Why Greek Shipping? World's Foremost Shipping Superpower

With our Firm’s recent signing of a 200 Million Euros Partnership Agreement to Fund & Facilitate the Purchase of 25 Vessels – I am frequently asked by partners and observers alike why a Greek company as a platform for our roll-up and why a particular interest in the shipping industry.

Hopefully this will shed some more light as to how we at Blackhawk operate.

1. The rationale? Blackhawk is first and foremost a “physical commodities trading house” and second a “family office private equity shop”. What better business model to adopt than building a vertically integrated operation that controls the whole commodities trading food chain from logistics to trading and investing all under one roof?

This partnership with Golden Sea Ways accomplishes all of that and more and we at Blackhawk cannot be more excited about it.

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