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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Cronies: Flying The Friendly Skies And Revealing Insider Secrets To The Rest Of Us

Crony capitalism -- the skewed playing field and sometimes the "hidden" second set of rules -- is alive and well. Best of all, it's not even hidden. Thanks to government "sunshine" laws and a lot of other laws mandating public disclosure, a wealth of information is legally required to be disclosed, and you can find it if you know (or hire someone who knows) where to look.
As first reported in the website, a major commercial real estate broker, CB Richard Ellis (CBRE), on whose board sits Richard Blum, has landed the contract to find buyers for up to 56 properties held by the United States Postal Service. 
Now, if you're a competitor, maybe you're wondering how CBRE got that business. Particularly since the seller is a government entity. 
Maybe...just are some facts that will get you to ask some questions.

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