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Friday, 23 January 2015

The Value of Reciprocity

Life is a two-way street and anyone successful, whether in a personal relationship or in business, and definitely in politics, learns to execute this principle without fail. 
There are people who act as if the person who asks them for a favor is committing a grave offense. Such people imagine they are above doing favors -- or at the very least, doing favors for you. The problem is that society is about trades, and many relationships are transactional. A non-trader, as it were, will only transaction with you if he "wins" the trade. Recognize this person as the non-reciprocator that he is. 
You are not and cannot ever build anything with this person. If he is a client prospect, consider whether his business is worth it, for these people are too often far more trouble than they're worth. If he is an employee, consider finding ways to get rid of him. That's what Human Resources is for -- to get rid of your problem employees! Your relationship with the non-trader will never be respectful, will never be symbiotic.
Win your encounters with the non-trader, and then avoid and shun him. Show no more respect than you're shown, and show neither hesitation nor mercy. Be decisive. Ships last long if they avoid icebergs.

Thank You.

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