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Friday 3 April 2015

Finding the Right Mentor

My goal was to help the entrepreneurs develop the mental habits that would allow them to do that. Judging by what some of them have accomplished, I have to believe that my efforts were not entirely in vain — which is not to take anything away from the people themselves. Building their businesses has been their doing, not mine.

I should note, moreover, that you don’t have to have a mentor like me, or a father like mine, to acquire the mental habits needed to “handle whatever comes up.” Many of my own habits I’ve developed the old- fashioned way — by making mistakes, falling on my face, picking myself up, and figuring out how not to do it again. But you know what they say: A smart person learns from his or her mistakes. A wise person learns from other people’s mistakes. I guess that makes me smart. I hope that, through my experience, I can help you to be wise.

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