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Thursday 2 April 2015

Trap Obamacare subsidy for the poor

Subsidy seekers should heed the old warning to retail customers: caveat emptor, or buyer beware! Here, it should remind that there is no free lunch. While subsidies are built into Obamacare in a deceptive show of compassion, in reality, these subsidies are anything but free and the hidden cost can easily be your freedom. Anyone wanting the subsidy is required to go through the Health Insurance Marketplace -- that is, the notorious website Using the subsidies as bait.

The website operates as a trap for subsidy seekers, so its catch (the victims) will almost always be the poor and more often than not, those of lesser educational achievement and presumably less apt to assert their rights, raise questions or sniff out illicit procedures or promises. Such are the characteristics of a class ripe for exploitation.

Take the aforementioned financial pressures, the rising costs on people of already limited means and little to no discretionary income, the legal requirement of the mandate, the seductive allure of subsidies and the availability of "navigators" to assist people who predictably can be bewildered and stressed out by the entire process.  The combined pressures are meant to induce worried, vulnerable applicants to go to  Such is the path for the lambs being led to slaughter. 

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