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Wednesday 15 July 2015

Don't Demonize Arabs – Do Business With Them

These pro-American, pro-business Arabs want what we all want – the respect of the world. And what better way to confer respect than to do business with them, trade with them and give them a seat at the table of international economic power. That the G-8 has not a single Middle Eastern country included in its ranks, but has Russia as a member, can only be construed as an insult to the people of that region.

American businessmen should not hesitate to seek out business opportunities in the Middle East. My firm, Blackhawk Partners, was recently retained to act as financial adviser in a $300 million recapitalization of the biggest – and sole – water-bottling facility in Iraq. The company is run by Americans and has quickly become a dominant player in the market, well-positioned to become the largest producer of water in the Middle East.

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