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Thursday 16 July 2015

Standing with Donald Trump | Ziad Abdelnour

The false outrage over Donald Trump’s recent remarks about illegal immigrants were twisted to meet the desires of those crying wolf. Almost immediately three horrible crimes were laid at the feet of illegals sheltered in cities that refuse to cooperate with immigration laws or even court orders to deal with criminals as illegals.

There is a malignant will on the part of liberal politicians to keep our borders open to all comers be they murderers, rapists, or ISIS terrorists. Iran supports Mexican gangs along the border with the U.S. and has supplied gangs in the Southwest with weapons and training. Hizbollah and Hamas openly have a presence in Mexico within walking distance of the U.S. border. The outbreak of Enterovirus D-68 which cause deaths primarily of small children came with the influx of children illegally entering the U.S. and its spread was centered in the cities where the children were taken and housed. According the the Department of Justice over 40% of all federal prosecutions involve illegal immigrants – including most of the prosecutions for homeland security.

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