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Tuesday 14 July 2015

From Lebanese- American Financiers, Differing Views on the Strife

Mr. Abdelnour has made his views public. He is a board member and a financial contributor to the Middle East Forum, a conservative research center that says its goal is to promote American interests in the region.

“Let’s get rid of this cancer,” Mr. Ziad Abdelnour said one day last week, referring to Hezbollah’s entrenched position in southern Lebanon. Over coffee, he referred to the recent carnage as a sort of medical operation. “Let’s finish the job,’’ he said, using his hands to simulate the opening up of his chest.

Mr. Abdelnour, who now runs a series of funds that make private-equity investments in security and technology companies, calls himself a neoconservative. In 2000, he was an author of a policy paper advocating the removal of the Syrians from Lebanon that was endorsed by a number of people with close ties to Bush advisers, including Richard N. Perle, a Reagan administration assistant secretary of defense; Douglas J. Feith, one of the architects of the plan to invade Iraq; and David Wurmser, adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney on the Middle East.

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