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Tuesday 8 April 2014

Stop Messing with Lebanon, We are not Going to take it Anymore.

Stop Messing with Lebanon 

July 4th marked the 16th Anniversary of the formation of our organization – The US Committee for a Free Lebanon.

Plenty has changed since then but plenty still remains the same.

The general state of our beloved homeland does not call for much celebration. 

Our puppet regime is a government that is still a tool in the hands of the Syrian intelligence services, Hezbollah and the mullahs of Iran; our parliament is appointed and not elected; our legal system is rotting with bribery and corruption; our democracy is ceding to autocracy, and the majority of the Lebanese population still lives in a state of denial partying all day long like if nothing ever happened.

It is crystal clear to everyone by now – unless you are blind or plain stupid – that unless and until the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad is totally dismantled, Hezbollah is put out of business and the Iranian ambitions contained, Lebanon is going nowhere….absolutely nowhere.

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