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Friday 18 April 2014

What Is This Obsession With Finding A Job?

Freedom! Independence! The dream of being on one’s own! That’s the American ethic, nurtured by tales of hardy immigrants who took their lives into their own hands to brave a new country and of all those pioneers pushing the frontier ever westward. 

Kept alive by fable and fact in our culture and in all of the thousands of school districts of this country, the persistence of this ethic must mean that we’re turning out kids who just can’t wait to be entrepreneurs, right? Wrong.

A national profile of the characteristics and attitudes of college freshmen, based on the responses of around 450,000 students who entered college in the fall of 2010, makes one wonder what happened along the road to the university. 

In keeping with the trend toward practical, job-related fields, almost one-fourth of the respondents to the survey, 21.3%, indicated their “probable field of study” would be in strictly business administration related subjects such as accounting, finance, management, and marketing. 

That percentage is a conservative estimate since it doesn’t include such closely related fields as industrial engineering, secretarial studies, data processing, and computer programming and sciences, which could bring the figure up to almost one-third of the total.

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