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Monday 28 April 2014

What You Want Out Of Life

Most people go through life not knowing what they want and then they wonder why they are not getting to reach their desired goals.

Well as a starter, you’ve got to realize that if you really want to do something and you know what it is, you’ll always find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse. The moment I’ve found what I wanted to do in my life, everything else faded in its importance.

So now that you know about what you want to do, how do you go about it in order to achieve your wildest dreams?

1. Remove all self imposed limitations from your mind. As you know, each one of us has a self. That self is molded through our relationships. The earliest relationships are some of our most forming – parental, family, caregivers etc…. The term self is a paradox because self cannot exist without other. Humanity’s existence is therefore defined by relationships. Relationships are fragile.

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